The Frontier Value project

As the title of the project represents, the project partners regard the cross-border cooperation as an additional opportunity or added value in the field of regional development. In the Hungarian- Slovakian border region, 250 billion euro have been expended since 1999 within the confines of the Phare CBC, the Interreg and the European Grouping of Cross-Border Cooperation. As expected, during the next budget period, starts in 2014, further momentous funds will be allocated in the mentioned region. The aim of our actual project is providing the efficient and successful use of these funds by supporting the realization of long term sustainable projects.

We try to collect the most succcesful projects of the previous 13 years and present them as an example to the actors of the region. Towards the mentioned projects are going to be propageted by a „best practice” website, a magazine and several documentary movies. These communication devices are also suited for notifying the relevant EU policies, laws and the best western initiatives.

We are hoping that through our activity we can redound the successful utilization of the Hungarian-Slovakian Program’s funds in the 2014-2020 period.


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Forum Minority Research Institue

During the project our partner is the Forum Minority Research Institute, Šamorín, which beside its excellent activity in the field of Slovakian minority researches, plays an important role in cross-border cooperation too.

Forum Minority Research Institute

The Hungarian- Slovakian CBC-program

The Hungarian – Slovakian Cross-Border Cooperation Program aims at enhancing the social and economical collaboration between the twelwe counties of the two countries.

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